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Yes, yes, I’m already way behind on the BPB, and I’m working on my first B post but for some reason the words aren’t coming. hm.

In the meantime! Experimenting with a different kind of divination today, Bibliomancy! Dodger has put up some excellent posts about the subject and it piqued my interest, so this morning I’ve tried doing a reading from each of five books that I had picked from the bookshelf. These five hold particular meaning for me, and are as follows:

Jorge Luis Borges, Collected Fictions, translated by Andrew Hurley (hereafter BCF)

W.H. Auden, Maurice (M)

Neil Gaiman, American Gods (AG)

Steven Hall, The Raw Shark Texts (RST)

Philip Pullman, The Amber Spyglass (AS)

So here’s what I got! (bolded bits are where my finger landed/what caught my eye)

BCF p 145: Hundreds of actors collaborated with the protagonist; the role of some was complex, the role of others a matter of moments on the stage.

M p 241: “Hullo Maurice, come in. Why this thusness?” He asked, a little annoyed, and not troubling to smile since his face was in shadow. “Good to see you back, hope you’re better

AG p 259: “Ma’am, you aren’t making this any easier on yourself.”

RST p 158: a million tiny moment fragments were being blown free from the wet grass in a fast stripe of pressure moving down the lawn from the hospital towards us. A large conceptual thing just below the soil.

AS p 471: Cautiously they looked inside and saw only the sleeping woman; so they withdrew and moved through the moonlight again, toward the shelter tree.

I think I can tentatively say that American Gods is snarky as hell and possibly not going to be of any use to me, Amber Spyglass and Maurice are a bit ehh possibly not helpful, Raw Shark Texts is potentially TERRIFYING (like seriously it could very well be stupid and dangerous to divine with that thing) and Borges is probably going to end up being the most cooperative and also varied in responses. So! An interesting first run, I’d say!


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Did a reading with Deviant Moon, two cards fell out of the shuffle: Ace of Cups and Five of Swords. I was asking LG whether it would be appropriate to dedicate my creative works today to him, since…thematically it is relevant, what with what’s going on in Berlin Confidential at the moment. The Five of Swords is one that I associate with LG being all trickstery, the Ace of Cups feels like…the source of creative inspiration, nurturing energy, it’s certainly a positive response but I can’t be sure if that was from LG or if it’s supposed to represent Sequana or Belenos, since they both have that sort of energy. Anyway.

Actual three card drawing was Ten of Cups, Death (reversed) and the Hierophant. After thinking on it in the shower I am operating for now under the assumption that this has to do with going home for Christmas. The ten of Cups being obvious, Death being…a lot of my anxiety and stresses and crying regarding travel right now and the potential for crazies doing violent disruptive shit on the fake supposed end of the world on the 21st. It scares the shit out of me. the Hierophant is reassuring though. I gotta trust in my instincts and guidance and do things properly and I will travel safely and get through it. I will get through this.

While sitting and looking at the cards I got some chills and tingles, meditating on the nature of the Trickster card, that influence on my life, LG’s nature, etc. the tingles centered very intensely on the back of my head, feeling like my head was full and things were growing out of my skull. (wings? branches? Horns? Antlers?) the idea of going out of one’s head, projecting out of the head into the world, either the earth or the sky, crossing boundaries, journeywork. A feeling while looking at the cairn of making offerings at a cairn, of stones falling and slipping against one another, a rockslide on stony hills? sitting perched atop a stone wall and jumping off of it. Something in the right hand.

All food for thoughts. Addressed LG as Deo Mercurius in prayer today but also put Gebrinius in there?  There was some sort of connection but again, it’s vague and fuzzy and dealing with really really old-feeling behavioral archetypes. Oh LG. you do not make it easy for me.

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